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Time is valuable. We’ve all heard that ‘Time is Money’. Time is a fleeting commodity and limited. The same holds true in my life. With my current job, writing, crafting, etc., my time is limited. I don’t have ‘free’ time.

My editing rates: [*Note: Rates are subjective to the quality of work submitted. For example, if every line/page is riddled with errors and needs excessive overall, the rates will be higher or the work rejected.] 50% required upfront via Paypal.

1. Copy Editing

Copy editing costs an average of $4 per page. 

  • Basic copyediting: $25 to $40 per hour

Pace: 5 to 10 pages an hour

  • Heavy copyediting: $35 to $50 per hour

Pace: 2 to 5 pages an hour

  • Substantive editing (also called line editing): $40 to $65 per hour

Pace: 1 to 6 pages per hour

  • Developmental editing: $50 to $80 per hour Pace: 2 to 5 pages per hour

2. Proofreading is $3 per page.

3. Copy editing costs an average of $4 per page.

4. Content Editing costs $50-$85 per hour. 

5. Line Editing costs between $.03 and $.07 per word. 

Fiction Book Chapters Editing/Critique (up to 20 pages): $30.00

Full Novel under 400 pages: $300.00 [Sample of writing must be evaluated prior to set price]

*Note: Quick Turnaround Times cost more.



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