Lady Squire: Dawn’s Ascension (Chronicles of Aetheaon – Book Two)

Lady Squire How much degradation would an exiled princess of a fallen kingdom suffer in order to regain her rightful throne?

During a dark, foggy night, Vyking ships from the Isles of Welkstone slip into Hoffnung Bay to aid Lord Waxxon’s coup to take Hoffnung’s throne from half elf Queen Taube. As Lord Waxxon’s guards storm the castle, Queen Taube flees to Lady Dawn’s chambers to help her daughter escape.

After Hoffnung’s fall, Lady Dawn flees for her life in the hope of gathering together an army to overthrow Lord Waxxon, who killed her mother to take the throne. With Waxxon’s guards and hired assassins searching Aetheaon to find and kill her, she disguises herself as a peasant boy and takes the lowly role of a squire under one of her father’s former Dragon Skull Knights. But her identity must remain a secret even to the noble knight she serves, until he can join the other Dragon Skull Knights to bring Waxxon’s reign to an end.
ISBN-13: 978-1519140210


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