The Deimos Virus

Sometimes Vengeance is More Blind Than Love:

“We had no compassion for the dying; no remorse for the dead. Their deaths had ended the burning torment pulsing through their diseased bodies.”–Dr. Frank Carter

A devastating virus spreads through the Deimos Moon Station killing fifty-six people. Dr. Carter is somehow immune and the sole survivor. Vowing to avenge the lives of his colleagues and his lover, Carter takes two vials of the contagious lethal virus to Earth with the intention to infect and kill Boyd Grayson, the multi-billionaire owner of Grayson Enterprises. Carter holds Grayson responsible for their deaths. Delirious, and controlled by his blind vengeance, he dismisses the fact that there is no cure, placing the entire world population at risk.

A smile spread across Carter’s face. He gently patted the briefcase containing the Deimos Virus and whispered, “How much are you willing to pay to spare your life, Mr. Grayson?”

ISBN-13: 978-1519491558


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