Epic Fantasy Series

Shawndirea Shawndirea: Chronicles of Aetheaon – Book One
Often the smallest unexpected surprises garner the most demanding dilemmas, which proves to be the ordeal that entomologist Ben Whytten faces. While netting butterflies to add to his vast collection, he mistakenly sweeps what he thinks is the most spectacular butterfly he has ever seen into his net. Upon examining his catch, Ben is horrified to discover he has captured a faery and shredded her delicate wings into useless ribbons. Devastated, Ben vows to take Shawndirea back to… >READ MORE HERE

Lady Squire: Dawn’s Ascension: Chronicles of Aetheaon – Book Two

How much degradation would an exiled princess of a fallen kingdom suffer in order to regain her rightful throne? During a dark, foggy night, Vyking ships from the Isles of Welkstone slip into Hoffnung Bay to aid Lord Waxxon’s coup to take Hoffnung’s throne from half elf Queen Taube. As Lord Waxxon’s guards storm the castle, Queen Taube flees to Lady Dawn’s chambers to help her daughter escape…. >READ MORE HERE

Cover art by John Dotegowski

 Frosthammer: Chronicles of Aetheaon – Book Three

From Treasure Hunter to Dwarven King

During the Battle of Hoffnung, Boldair discovers his father’s secret betrayal and is declared Nagdor’s new king by the Northern Dwarven Alliance. Boldair and three of his fellow Dwarves begin their journey to Nagdor for his coronation. Due to possible threats on his life in opposition to his taking the throne, he decides to take a longer route home by detouring through the autonomous, majestic city lost to legend and hidden deep beneath the Frosted Peaks. The city is Frosthammer, which is occupied by an unusual Dwarven race that are untrusting to visitors, even new kings. The journey becomes fraught with more dangers than Boldair ever expected or imagined…. >READ MORE HERE

devils-den-cover Devils Den

Evil has resurrected in the quaint, rural community of Cider Knoll, Kentucky. The day after a country pastor is ritualistically murdered, a teenage boy vanishes inside an enchanted cave-Devils’ Den-that has long been rumored to be haunted. The local sheriff is baffled on how to continue the search and rescue when the only clues end at a mysterious wall inside the cave. Then an unexpected man shows up… >READ MORE HERE