dees-mystery-solvers Dee’s Mystery Solvers: The Beating Heart Beneath Hollow Hill Cemetery

Legends and paranormal activities prevail in the Ravenstead Community. One such legend is the constant beating heart of Wendell Graven in the Hollow Hill Cemetery. A curious fourteen-year-old girl, Dee Sullivan, wants to discover the truth behind the strange, mysterious phenomenon. With her older brother… >READ MORE HERE

fiddling-worms Fiddling Worms

Fiddling worms? Worms that play the fiddle? Those are some of the questions any child might ask when you mention “Fiddling Worms,” but it’s actually a great way to get fishing bait. This short story tells how a grandfather teaches his grandson an old-timey technique to catch worms so they can spend the afternoon fishing. Great story for children who love nature, fishing, and learning about science. Interesting science project for people who hike and camp near lakes to teach… >READ MORE HERE

dragons-backyard Dragons in My Backyard

Donnie has a problem. He mentions to his friend on the school bus that he has dragons in his backyard. An older student, James, overhears the statement and immediately starts teasing Donnie. James threatens to come to Donnie’s house and… >READ MORE HERE