Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Vampire Hunter Forrest Wollinsky: Vampire Hunter

I was born in Bucharest in 1880 in the heart of the vampire population. At eight years old, I was considered a freak of nature since I was already the size of an adult male. Other children my age, and some of my teachers, shunned me. Being rejected by one’s peers cuts deeply. Then I met my first werewolf and discovered a master vampire was plotting to kill me because of what I am. From that moment… >READ MORE HERE

The Blood Mists of London Forrest Wollinsky: The Blood Mists of London

A ravenous madman stalks the foggy streets of Whitechapel, savagely butchering women during the dead of night and mysteriously disappearing without a trace or even an eyewitness, which leaves detectives at wit’s end to find the murderer. The newspapers named the serial killer Jack the Ripper, but Forrest Wollinsky believes this sinister phantom is actually a master vampire who has ventured… >READ MORE HERE

predestined-crossroads-cover Forrest Wollinsky: Predestined Crossroads

Determined to fulfill his oath to deliver the hybrid vampire child to the Archbishop in Freiburg, Forrest travels across several countries during the harshness of winter. Even he has his doubts as to whether the child should be protected because once the child becomes an adult, he could become a deadly supernatural ruler with more power and influence than any of Dracula’s offspring. And Forrest soon discovers that his oath has placed him on the wrong side of the Chosen Vampire Hunters… >READ MORE HERE

succubus-coverSuccubus: Shadows of the Beast (Nocturnal Trinity Series – Book One)

Entering the real world after college often educates one to the true horrors of the harsh obstacles life has to offer. For Kailey Yates the discoveries are far more terrifying and dangerous. Two days before she graduated with a degree in investigative journalism, her brother Vincent is found dead in his swimming pool with a… >READ MORE HERE

Raven Raven (Nocturnal Trinity Series – Book Two)

Book Description Coming Soon… >READ MORE HERE