Dee’s Mystery Solvers (YA Book Series)

Dee’s Mystery Solvers is a young adult series. The Mystery Solvers is a club consisting of four teenagers who are determined to solve paranormal mysteries that occur in the small neighborhood of Ravenstead. Dee Sullivan leads the club with her older brother, Marty, and their two friends, Lynn and Adam. The four live on Dreary Lane.

The club members are introduced, along with Marty’s unusual black cat, in the short story: “The Beating Heart Beneath Hollow Hill Cemetery“.

Blurb: Legends and paranormal activities prevail in the Ravenstead Community. One such legend is the constant beating heart of Wendell Graven in the Hollow Hill Cemetery. A curious fourteen-year-old girl, Dee Sullivan, wants to discover the truth behind the strange, mysterious phenomenon. With her older brother, Marty, and their two best friends, Lynn and Adam, they set out on Halloween night to discover the truth behind the beating heart in Hollow Hill.

The second adventure in the Dee’s Mystery Solvers is the novella, “Witch Cat“.

Blurb: Marty Sullivan’s black cat, Edgar, mysteriously appears at the most unusual times and in the least expected places. For the others in Dee’s Mystery Solvers Club, they suspect the cat is somehow magical. What they don’t know is Marty has a secret he needs to reveal about Edgar and where he found the cat. But in doing so, he knows his suspicious sister, Dee, will not rest until they completely solve the mystery. He fears her stubbornness will put their lives into peril, especially after he tells her that Edgar was found in the haunted Tangled Forest. Marty’s greatest fear is that returning to the forest might cause him to lose Edgar forever, as the cat’s true owner is a ghost … The ghost of a witch.

The third book (novella) in the Dee’s Mystery Solvers Series is: “Buried Treasure“.

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Almost every teenager has dreamed of finding buried treasure at the beach. While accompanying Dee and Marty’s mother and Lynn’s mother on a business trip in Morgan’s Cove, the Mystery Solvers find a treasure map inside an old seaweed-covered bottle near the beach. Thinking they’ve discovered a find of a lifetime, they set out to various shops to get more information about the history of the cove and what Pirates of Olde might have buried their treasures there in the past.

Their sleuthing questions, however, capture the attention of some modern day thieves who keep watchful eyes on the Mystery Solvers’ activities. Soon the Mystery Solvers find themselves in harm’s way and that some secrets are often best left buried. They are forced to consider the price of their lives over the potential worth of unknown treasure.

Currently, I am finishing the fourth book in the series. These are all young adult mystery books.

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