Imagination: What Do YOU See?

Since we’ve started building fantasy dungeon terrain, my mind views scrap materials or paper items that are normally tossed out in the garbage in a new light. Strangely, I covet Styrofoam to make dungeon tiles. As the old saying goes, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” But in this case, perhaps ‘becomes’ is better than ‘is’.

For instance, this cardboard paper used to keep a shoe’s shape while being shipped.

I looked at this and saw where it could be used for mining terrain for dwarves. I have two other terrain pieces in the works with this scrap cardboard paper.

When it comes to fantasy, I find the use of my imagination visualizes what is hidden to others. The same is true when I’m writing fiction. I listen for the voices of desperation that have a story to tell or are troubled by the current dilemma that constrains them in their world. I quickly follow, quick to jot down what is said and what unfolds. Some stories are wonderful events while others are nightmares taking us by storm. Either way, when the prompt strikes, I react. Stories materialize.

More soon ….

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