Top 6 Albums I Listen to While Writing

A lot of folks have asked what music I listen to while working on novels. Often it depends upon my mood or what I’m writing at the time. Using iTunes’ Top 25 Played Tab, I can readily see how many times I’ve played certain songs/albums. Some of the Top 25 songs are from the same album, so I will only post the entire album and the number of times they’ve been played.

  • Transylvania (Album) by Nox Arcana [Played 188 times]
  • Diablo Soundtrack by Matt Uelman [Played 169 times]
  • Assassin’s Creed Soundtrack by Jesper Kyd [Played 147 times]
  • Got Your Six by Five Finger Death Punch [Played 125 times]
  • Dark Age of Camelot Game Soundtrack by Various Artists [Played 117 times]
  • The Witcher Soundtrack by Adam Skorupa [Played 115 times]

As you can see, I tend to write with dark-themed soundtracks without lyrics because they help create the atmosphere and mood for what I write. Worded lyrics can become distracting.

What soundtracks do you use while you write or create?

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