Write It Down!

I’ve mentioned numerous times about the importance of keeping a writing notebook. Inspiration strikes at times least expected.

A few months ago, some scenes popped into my head concerning the characters in my current novel. Knowing these would disappear if I didn’t write them down, I opened a Word document and wrote out the detailed scene with dialogue, as though this was the opening. This chunk of writing was over 5,000 words.

The novel started well before this event occurs, so I didn’t know how long it’d take to get there. The pivotal scene has stayed in my mind the entire time I’ve worked on the book. Finally, last week, my characters’ path reached the intersection where the characters will be thrust into more chaos. But the journey to get there took 74,000 words! I never thought it would take that long to get to that point.

I blame the characters and the new characters and the city I never knew was hidden on the map. Events unfolded in ways unimagined. But, I’m not disappointed at all. The other things were necessary, and had I not written down the detailed scene, it would have been lost … forever. Sure, I could write from memory, but not as good (in my opinion) as what came to me during those moments of inspiration.

So, write it down! Especially if your mind is getting as old as mine.

Until next time … Keep reading and keep writing!

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