What’s in the Works

My apologies for not posting in a while, but I’m still writing. Not as quickly as I’d like, but the work is progressing.

I’m currently working on a novel that is in The Chronicles of Aetheaon series. I have 5-6 book ideas for this series before actually getting to ‘The Plague-bringer’ novel, which originally was set to be volume three. Each of these books focus on certain key characters who ultimately come together, weaving the 5-6 books into what becomes ‘The Plague-bringer’ book.

Like with any map in the real world, when viewed from afar, you only see the major cities. However, when you’re actually traveling, you find the neat smaller towns and smaller cities as you explore. This is what has happened for me. What I had thought would be a simple journey for three of my characters has led me into a previously unknown city with incredible characters and mysteries surrounding their bizarre existence. Although I’m not quite certain how this unfolds, bits and pieces come to me via the characters day by day. Quite an interesting aspect all its own.

Oh, and btw, my novels are also available via Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. I had them across all channels, but none of the other channels held much success in finding readers.

Until next time …

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