The Written Word … Into New Worlds

What amazes me is how we take for granted our ability to read and write. If you really think about it, the written language is sort of magical. Place letters into a certain order to form words that represent objects or various parts of speech, and then place those words into a meaningful order until you have a cognitive sentence.  With the proper order and usage, we can form poetry, essays, and stories.  And yet, I see fewer and fewer people taking advantage of this unique form of communication.
With mere words properly placed, authors form new worlds filled with new adventures to capture our imaginations and whisk us away, allowing us to escape our mundane world if only for a while.
I am one of those authors.
I fell in love with reading early in life. I loved the challenge of learning new words and how to spell them. I loved reading books and read every book I could get my hands on. Science and fantasy ruled my life at an early age. Soon I ran out of books that satisfied my longings to escape into a new fantasy. That’s when my muse aroused and encouraged me to use my vocabulary to open doors into hidden realms deep inside my mind.
It’s a magical place inside my head at times. The little voices communicating with me want to be expressed on the page for others to read. I hurriedly follow them, taking notes of what they say and do until everything suddenly spills onto the pages. The next thing I know, a new book has been completed. Something unexpectedly fresh that I did not plan. It was the characters that beckoned me to tell their tales.
These characters have produced 13 novels through me. I’m the conduit they flow through and I want to introduce all of them to you. I invite you to share this journey. If you have ever truly wanted to see worlds unfold through an author’s eyes, you’ve come to the right place. I’m happy to share the process with you as new realms unfold. By being a patron, you get to read the works before the rest of the world.
Adventure awaits! Don’t push or shove. Be patient and follow me through this next doorway to see what’s on the other side. You won’t be disappointed.

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