Happy New Year! (2020)

When it comes to vision, 20/20 is considered perfect eyesight. So, for this year, 2020, I want it to be a Year of Focus toward my writing and life as a novelist.

For those of you with Kindles, or if you’ve enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, all of my novels are now in Kindle Unlimited. A lot of my ebooks have temporary sales prices, too, which I noticed yesterday. If you’re a voracious reader, perhaps you could celebrate with a few of the titles.

I have several chapters of my memoirs posted on Patreon. Click the link at the bottom of the page, if you’re interested in reading them.

Writing those early memories of my life weren’t all easy to dredge up. Some things we wish to forget in life, but for some odd reason, my mind refuses to completely bury memories. Even my mother marveled years ago when I brought up incidents that had occurred before I was three years old. She didn’t understand how I had kept such clear memories, and I’d say, for some of those, she probably worried about things I’d witnessed and wondered if I’d tell my father about her … indiscretions. But he’d assumed such and even accused her right before they split up. She didn’t outright deny his accusation, either, which was enough to clarify his suspicions.

Early events in my childhood shaped me. These made me ask questions and seek answers, which is why I believe I’m a novelist. I try to look at situations from every angle, and sometimes, longer than I should. But, I feel that by doing so, I might stumble upon the answer. Maybe, I will find the proper understanding.

So, with 2020’s arrival, it’s time I get back to what I enjoy … writing.

Blessings to each of you, my friends. Until next time ….

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