Approaching 2022 Carefully …

Well, it’s a ‘New’ year, but I’m too skeptical to highlight 2022 as a potential ‘Happy’ one. At least, not yet. We’ve gone through two years where UP seems to be DOWN and RIGHT is WRONG and vice versa. So, I proceed with slight trepidation, as if I’m carrying a case of Nitroglycerin across a rotten wooden bridge in the middle of a moonless night.

At the beginning of 2020, I prematurely termed the year, “My Year of Focus” and believe me, I became everything except focused. All my plans (as well as the rest of the world) were dashed.

2021 started off a bit better, until September when my wife was hospitalized, and we found ourselves in the darkest setting of our lives. For the longest time, I have started to write a blog about those 17 days she’s was kept against her will, but each time I attempted to recall the events to write, I’d breakdown, unable to put the words in place.

While many reading my blog posts in September assumed she had Covid, I never stated she did. She had ‘viral‘ pneumonia. I plan to elaborate about this in a future post, as we’re quite certain she didn’t have Covid. A month before she was hospitalized, she was bitten by a dog tick. A few days after we removed the tick, she developed a dark rash. The doctor (NP) she visited refused to give her a full prescription to treat the infection, even though she had a huge rash around the bite mark, a horrible fever each night, and later she developed sepsis because she wasn’t properly treated.

Another post I’ll share soon is “Giving Thanks” and how thankful we were having her home for Thanksgiving.

It is with the greatest hope and prayer that 2022 is a year that makes up for the past two. It’s too early to judge, but time will tell. Perhaps, we’ll all know by the end of this December.

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