A Field of Mushrooms

We have been making fantasy dungeon terrain for over a year now. Our grandson has fun exploring through the caverns with his little warriors. He uses his imagination quite well and develops little stories of his own while playing. His creativity is astounding. So, here are some mushrooms I made over a week ago. He’s only seen the pictures since he lives in Kentucky, so I’m building new terrains to surprise him when they visit at Christmas break. It helps the time pass and we miss hearing him play.

One of the main reasons I began making terrain was to have a physical way of setting up dungeons for future books in the Aetheaon Series. Work has kept me away from writing for a while now, and I truly miss delving into new places for my characters. My mind is weary but working on the terrain has a soothing quality. I will share more about my writing goals and my ambitions soon. Regardless of what all occurs or what seems like setbacks, I’m a writer. It’s so engrained inside me and my mind, I know of no other occupation I’d rather have. The goal has never been to be overly wealthy as a writer, though I wouldn’t complain should that ever materialize. I would love to be able to earn enough through my writing to be financially ready to return to writing full-time. More on this in future posts.

Thanks to those of you who continue to believe in me and my writing. I’d like to give a special, “Thank you!” to KC Riley for her support on Patreon over the past year. Words cannot properly express my appreciation. Thanks so much!

I have step-by-step guidelines at my Patreon. The link is: How to Make Fantasy Mini Mushrooms

Toss a dollar in the tip jar and check it out. It is much appreciated. Also available are the first three chapters of my autobiography (still in process of writing), but a sneak peek of my early years and what helped shape my mind.

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