Welcome to 2018!

Temperature-wise, 2018 has started off to be blisteringly cold. It is -3 degrees F this morning and predictions are for similar overnight temps for the remainder of this week.

I’ve noticed an odd correlation with these extremely low temperatures and when I’m writing about the colder regions of the ice mountains in my Aetheaon series. While working on Shawndirea in the winter of 2013, the main characters emerged into the Realms of Aetheaon at Glacier Ridge. The entire time I worked on this novel, the area had extremely abnormally low temperatures–like this week. We had a LOT of snow, too; the most snow we’d seen in several years.

The situation became a running gag at Daymar College with staff and faculty, and because the temperatures kept matching the ones in the book, I added a paragraph at the bottom of my WIP that stated: “The staff and faculty at Daymar College correctly matched all of the Megamillion numbers and won the jackpot.” Needless to say, the latter part never came true, but the weather kept us frozen.

I’m currently writing the third book in the series, but the setting isn’t in Glacier Ridge. However, it is a new place in those mountain ranges that until several weeks ago, I never knew existed. The city is in a region of the Frosted Peaks mountain range. And from the moment I started this part of the novel, the snow fell and temperatures have fallen drastically low. While I know the correlation isn’t the actual reason, I marvel at the circumstances surrounding this ordeal.

I’m also doing something a bit differently with the series. For those of you who have followed Shawndirea (Book One) and Lady Squire (Book Two), you know that those novels jump between several sets of characters and eventually their paths intersect toward the conclusion. The next books will not follow this format. Each new novel will deal with a set of the characters facing challenges necessary to prepare them to face the Plague-bringer, who disrupted a lot of towns and cities in Lady Squire. Each novel will focus on the particular characters and their dilemmas as were written in the Epilogue of Lady Squire.

Picture each group of characters traveling a road of destiny (to confront/destroy the Plague-bringer) where they complete certain goals they were pursuing before the final confrontation. Those goals for eachwill be completed as a complete novel, but at the end, fate will direct them in a new direction where their road joins the others.

I realized early on that these novels couldn’t be written in the same fashion as the first two books. If this became one single novel, the book would be 1-2000 pages long. Currently, (theoretically), each novel will be 350-500 pages. You, the readers, will learn more about certain characters, you’ll meet new characters, and visit new cities and lands. The maps for the Realms of Aetheaon are vast and mostly unexplored, even by me. I’m learning a lot about these places and our beloved heroes.

The journey is long, my friends, and I hope you’ll tag along for the adventures.

Welcome to 2018. Happy New Year! Blessings to you and yours!

Until next time ….

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