The Cook Walked Out!

During our vacation at Virginia Beach, we decided to eat at Cancun Fiesta.

We were quickly seated, and we waited for a server. And waited. Fifteen minutes passed, and even though three different workers kept walking between all the tables, no one came to even ask what we wanted to drink.

Finally, a young man stepped out and noticed. He went to the front of the restaurant and looked at a list on the podium, which I assume was the seating chart to determine what server should have our table. He promptly came to our table and asked what we’d like to drink. We told him and he vanished. Again, we returned to waiting.

After he brought our drinks, he hurried off and said that he’d be right back to take our order. We endured another long wait before his ultimate return. He took our order and about fifteen minutes later, we were served our meals.

The food was great but the service was not. While we were eating, this man walked out and started berating one of the servers. He was abusively yelling at her, and I guessed he was the manager. I thought how unprofessional, and our grandchildren, as well as everyone at the other tables, were upset at this outburst. After he finished his tirade, he disappeared into the back of the restaurant again.

People exchanged confused glances but continued with their meals.

About ten more minutes passed and this man came back out and started yelling at the woman again. This time he was closer to the front of the restaurant.

“I’ve been a cook for over thirty years!” he said, glaring at her. “The least you can do is get the orders right when you take them back. I’m tired of being told that it’s my fault when I cook what was ordered. You need to get the orders right!”

Four young men were seated a few feet away, and one of them turned and told the cook that this wasn’t the way he should be handling the situation in front of everyone else.

The cook grumbled something back at him, but then continued his argument with the female server. He took off his apron and said that he was done. She pointed toward the door and told him that if he wanted to leave, that he should, but if he walked out, not to return. Maybe she was a server and manager?

The cook left. Just like that, he walked out.

At least we had gotten our food, which was exceptional, but the overall experience was not. Others quickly paid their bills and hurried to the door, as did we. Our grandchildren weren’t the only children in there. Several older ladies at the table beside ours shook their heads and one said that she’d never seen anything like it.

When people go out to eat during vacation, they like to look back on the experiences. Well, this was one that’s unlikely to fade from my memory any time soon. The food was great, but I still wonder what happened afterwards. Did he return to work or find a job elsewhere?

Based on the poor service and extremely long wait before the outburst, I’d not have returned anyway.

Stay safe … More soon!

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