Mooned at Virginia Beach!

On one of those mornings when my wife and I sat on the hotel balcony drinking coffee before the sunrise, we could see people searching for seashells along the shoreline with the lights of their phones. The sun had yet to peak over the horizon.

As waves crashed in, three girls screamed and ran from the water and then laughed. They continued this process for about fifteen minutes. At the Boardwalk, about thirty yards from our hotel, stood one of those shower poles under a bright street light where people can wash the sand off their feet and body after leaving the beach.

These three girls staggered to the pole, laughing and carrying on. Two of them washed off their feet, but the third one was washing off her upper thighs and seemed agitated, like perhaps she had gotten sand stuck in the most uncomfortable places. She kept adjusting her swim trunks and washing. The other two girls laughed at her.

The next thing we knew, she peeled off her trunks and flung them in the air. We were stunned. Granted, not many people were on the beach but how many unsuspecting people like us were seated on balconies in full view of her? Who knows?

She turned her butt toward the shower and twerked while one of her friends washed off sand. Approaching on the sidewalk were two young men, college aged, I assume. Their stride abruptly paused while these three drunk girls carried on under the shower. Their mouths gaped and yet, they weren’t able to look away.

One said, “Ya’ll know you can’t be like that in public, right?”

The girl’s friend became hostile, cussing and yelling at them and told him that she could do whatever they wanted; adding that he shouldn’t be staring at her friend. She held a fiery attitude, and from her accent, I’d guess she was Cuban. She was stern and loud enough to keep them away.

Both guys laughed nervously, shook their heads, and continued down the Boardwalk.

The last thing my wife and I expected to see while waiting for the sunrise was seeing a full moon!

Some crazy folks out there.

Be safe!

More to come …

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